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The Golden Key
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In a recent survey of faculty and staff at Madisonville Community College, President Judith L. Rhoads asked what they identified as their highest hope for the college. By an overwhelming majority, the response was that the college should be known for its excellence in instruction—that MCC should be a college of choice.

MCC is accredited by SACS, the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools. This validation of our institution means that course credits are sanctioned as transferrable, and thus a passing grade here should be interpreted at other schools as meeting their criteria. In the last SACS review, MCC received a near-perfect rating, and was not required to make changes to cover any deficiencies. Moreover, the leadership has chosen to put Title III funding that has been awarded to the college toward improving instructional delivery, which has resulted in a great increase in critical thinking activities and technological use all geared toward improving student learning outcomes. A student from MCC will encounter innovative and engaging instruction.

As a community college, MCC’s mission includes workforce development, and since merging with the local technical school, there is a strong commitment to vocational education. This in no way has lessened the college’s effort to provide the best post-secondary education at the freshman and sophomore levels. The college has a good reputation for being a place where students can get high-quality instruction at low cost. Honor society students at MCC should be proud of their success, for it indicates they are at the top of one of the top institutions in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Madisonville Community College

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The North Campus
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