Just the Facts

My Job

As webmaster for Madisonville Community College (MCC), I perform routine maintenance on the MCC web site, keeping it functioning properly and up-to-date. I also chair the Web Page Redesign Committee, which drafts guidelines for publishing documents to the MCC web site.

View the latest version of the Guidelines for Publication P D F document (141 K)

I also create web applications to support the objectives of the college's Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant. Projects that I am currently working on or scheduled to begin soon are:

Early Alert System

A web-based reporting system for faculty members to report student difficulties early in the semester so that intervention by student support services can occur before it is too late.

Student Success Plan

A web-based data sheet for advisors and faculty. The Student Success Plan will include information about the student's past and current academic career so the advisor can better direct the student in scheduling, obtaining student support services, choosing a major, or choosing a career.

Student Self-Reporting System

A web-based method for students to report planned absences to their instructors ahead of time.

Online Annual Planning

Using Macromedia Contribute and some web templates designed by yours truly, online annual planning will eliminate the need to email planning documents back and forth as they are revised.

To date, my best work has been the online class schedule and the online orientation.