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Welcome to the Green Turtle Bay Pier Six Web Page. The purpose of this page is to allow boaters who moor their boats on Pier Six, as well as the general public, a means of keeping in touch with what is happening on our pier, and with individuals who make up this very special group.  We will try to keep you posted on pier activities, share pictures and in general be a place on the web that reflects the best in boating fun. If you have pictures or information you would like to share, just send them along to webmaster Bob Simmons at The content of this site is not reviewed or approved by KCTCS and does reflect KCTCS views or policies.  




 Suzy Says

Hello to Everyone!                                January 11, 2015

The first snow of the season is still on the ground.  It happened Saturday night and with the freezing temps, it has stayed.  I got home Saturday just as the snow was starting.  We only got 1-2 inches-depending on where you live.  We are still at the transient dock.  The water is coming down but we still canít walk onto 6.  We arenít going back until we can and that may be some time this week.  The only piers currently with access are 5, 9, 10, 11 & 12.  The ramp on the transient dock is still level and has yet started the tilt down.  We have sunshine now and had a lot yesterday with water dripping off the top of the boatóice cycles everywhere.

Thatís it for now.  Stay warm.


One picture is of the power for pier 6, and one of the gate. The other one is of the scaffolding in front of the club.  They put this up while the water was high so they could reach far enough to paint, caulk and wash windows.  These pictures are also not at max water height.  Emory took them a day or two before.

For those of you who are not on Emory's morning weather report, the picture to the right is the critter that has become know as "THE LITTLE SHIT"


Once again this year at Thanksgiving a group from Green Turtle Bay gathered at Kentucky Lake State Park to share  a holiday meal and fellowship.
Marti May entertained the group at Dale and Carol's condo rounding out the day.







Pictures of the band

GTB Kentucky Derby Party 2015

To the right in picture one Suzy, Faye, and Marti,  the Pier 6 ladies showing their Derby hats. Picture two shows the first and second placed finishers in the GTB Derby Hat competition. The final picture is Emory with the Derby basket door prize. Below are the four couples at the Pier Six table.


A Farewell  Night for Pat and J.T.

As Suzy mentioned in ďSuzy SaysĒ, Pier Six has lost a dear friend. Brent Worley will be remembered by most of us far longer than we knew him.

His easy smile and his gentlemanly demeanor let you know right away that he was a kind, thoughtful, and sincere person. Brent was easy to get to know.

And he was eager to take part in every pier activity. While he was taken far too soon, in a larger sense, we all know that he has been relieved of his earthly bounds and the massive pain he suffered for the last months of his life. I know I speak, not just for myself, but for all of his many pier six friends when I say, Brent will be greatly missed. He was a great guy to know. 

Brentís boating friend

Bob Simmons


The 15th Annual

Pier 6 Italian


Burgers on the Pier with special Marina Day entertainment by Olivia Faye
To the right are some of the snapshots from the Ziploc Breakfast